A message to the little boy in me that once believed in magic…

I can think back and remember the days of my childhood, when the little boy I once was believed that the moon appreciated my goodnight wishes and that it was necessary to take stock of everything in my world as I drifted off to sleep.  That way, I could check in the morning to make sure that everything I knew of my world was still there when my eyes opened again.  In those innocent days, the moon, stars and magic mice talked with me and listened to what I had to say. In those days, I believed in magic and miracles, and a cow could jump over the moon and that spaceship I was building from an old wooden crate and nailed-on jar lids really could  fly when I was done building it.

I then grew up and decided that cows don’t jump over moons and forgot what I knew about making wooden boxes into spaceships. Magic was just a trick and miracles happened but rarely nowadays, and never to me.

But then a miracle DID occur, and I can’t even tell anyone what day it happened. I grew up even more and I began to believe again! Magic was everywhere, and all I needed to do to have it was to simply believe that I could create it in my life and in the lives of other people. Miracles not only happened, but I began to see that every single part of my life is magic and a miracle, and that there is no single event that is really the moment of that miracle, but that one miracle builds on another forever.

In this new world, not only can I talk with a magic mouse, but every single aspect of the reality around me is as alive as I am. I can not only say goodnight to the moon, but I can look at the moon on a cloudless night and have a wordless conversation with the spirit that dwells within it. I can be loved by a blade of grass. Even license plates on cars can send me a message of hope one day when I need it. I can even find turtles alive in the belly of a bass and be part of a miracle that took a lifetime to create and another lifetime to unfold. Magic and joy and a high sense of freedom can be found in a walk in a park with a friend, or even in the stumbles along the path. I can get stuck in an elevator and bring joy to a place where joy is so rare. Every fantasy that Little Eddie ever had has come alive in me today, in ways that Little Eddie could never have imagined.

Little Eddie dreamed of magic and spaceships and had a fantasy world that kept him happy and alive in a world that sometimes hard for little boys. He also dreamed that someday, he would be be big and all grown up. With who I am now, I can go back to that little boy and tell him that every wish he ever had has come true! He did grow up and is living a happy life. But more important, I can tell him to keep that magic alive, because the magic he once held so dear has also grown up and has come alive in ways that are even more wonderful than the magic he felt in his heart in those innocent days. For a little boy to know that the man he dreams of becoming will so love and cherish who that little boy actually was is a message every child needs to hear.

Today, I can go to the past that lives within me to visit that little boy and tell him to keep believing everything he finds in his heart! I can tell him that the magic he believes in and all that he ever hopes he will be will come true in ways that will bring him as much joy when he is big as he felt when he nailed one more jar lid to the side of his spaceship.

But most important of all … I am telling Little Eddie that his belief in magic and his future is SO important to the man he will someday become, so every thing that Little Eddie believed in those days now forms the essence of the beliefs and faith of that big man he dreamed he would be someday. I can tell Little Eddie that not only was his magical beliefs important to his life then, I can also tell him that all that he believed has grown up into the most important part of his world today — my world today . . .

That little boy sometimes wondered if he was important to the world or not. Today, his own Big Self can tell him how very, very important his belief in magic turned out to be in his life. I can tell him easily, because Little Eddie is still alive in me today (some of my friends have actually met him…)  I think that he and I need to have a long-awaited talk, just to help him understand how important that all of the magic he once loved is to his future self. . .  He will be so happy to know that the innocence he carried into this world when he arrived turned out to be so right to the grown-up man that little boy was hoping to become. Little boys need that reassurance from time to time, even the ones that live in us grown-up men today …